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“As a psychology graduate, I can appreciate how difficult it can be to find jobs after university. Lecturers will advise ‘assistant psychologist posts’ but more often than not, these are filled by masters and PhD students.

Gaining employment in the field of mental health can result in lots of other opportunities being made available, especially if your interests lie within psychology. Even some master’s applications require 1 year working full time with people with mental health issues.

Working for St Martins as a support worker, I have acquired so many valuable new skills, and have been able to apply textbook knowledge to real life situations. I advise anyone who is looking for a career in mental health or professional psychology to consider opportunities available at St Martins.

It has been an instrumental starting point for my career in mental health.”




“I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone I have worked with at St Martins over the past two years, who have made my time here so wonderful. The organisation is really something special and I am so proud to have been part of a team who genuinely care about their service users and provide great support. The way everyone works together to improve the lives of our residents has been so inspiring and motivational. Particularly at Davenant Road, I have had the privilege of working with amazing staff and service users, and have been led by an exceptional manager from whom I have learnt so much. I will miss everyone and wish both staff and residents such good luck for the future.”




“After previously working for 20 years within mental health services I am now working for St Martins in the management team. I find St Martin’s refreshingly counter-cultural in how we strive hard, in what are challenging times in the care sector, to sincerely keep faith with our values-based approach which I think, and I find, is well-grounded and enabling for all concerned with the organisation.”




“I love it and every day is different. I’m always very busy and my manager is good at delegating. He allows us to be proactive and this works well for me.”




“I genuinely feel that St Martins cares about the welfare of its staff and service users (which I think can become overlooked in larger organisations).”




“I am often inspired by the dedication of my colleagues to some quite challenging work. The way they never give up trying to engage residents who sometimes have deep-seated reasons to be distrustful, or may lack the confidence, or might be struggling with heavy medication, makes me feel good about working for an organisation that makes every effort to support vulnerable people.”


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