Recovery And Creative Enterprise

Recovery and wellbeing

St Martins employs a Recovery Worker who supports service users to explore their skills and aspirations. A key part of this work, involves the delivery of comprehensive employability and wellbeing training programmes that are proving popular with service users. These courses are broken down into units which include learning that is designed to help service users to plan and feel more prepared for employment.

Employability units include:

  1. Searching for a job
  2. Applying for a job
  3. Preparing for an interview
  4. Interview skills
  5. Positive attitudes and behaviours at work
  6. Working in a team


We also offer a course which is tailored to help service users gain a deeper understanding and awareness of issues relating to work, health and wellbeing.  It promotes the importance of positive physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing which is necessary for seeking and sustaining employment. Service users are able to either complete the entirety of both courses or can select units of particular interest to them. We want to make the learning as flexible and open as possible to suit individual needs.

Wellbeing units include:

  1. Mental Health Awareness
  2. Alcohol Awareness
  3. Substance Misuse Awareness
  4. Personal Safety
  5. Stress Awareness


10 service users from three different services accessed the initial pilot of these courses during autumn and winter 2017. From 2018, the two courses have been running on a rolling annual timetable. Links have been developed with Family Works  and Scope in Islington and Brent. These agencies are able to offer further training and support.

Prior to the start of the courses, discussion groups are held in our services for a couple of weeks to help gather interest and to encourage service users to sign up for the course.

A feedback session is also incorporated into the final unit so residents can give their views and opinions of their course experience and suggest ideas as to how the course could be developed going forward.  Here are some of the comments from course participants:

I learned a lot about job roles and job interviews. Also, how to make a CV.” (HA)

“I enjoyed the course and learned a lot.  Also I worked as a team and was very satisfied with the work done!” (HA)

“The course covered a lot of bases and it has left me a lot more positive in order to confront people about work and being employed.” (DB)

It’s difficult for me to remember what I learned.  A strategy I use is to re-read and go through all the work I have done and this helps me to remember.” (AN)

“I learned about writing. I learned how to do an interview.” (MM)

“I learned a lot.” (MM)

“I have learned how to apply for jobs.  How to search for jobs and to look online for jobs.  How to complete an interview for a job.  How to prepare to go for an interview.” (AO)

“I enjoyed how to understand the best way to find a job.” (AO)

“I learned how to conduct myself in an appropriate manner while applying and looking for a job.” (DB)

“I have more of a positive attitude towards employability.” (DB)

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