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Poems And Creative Writing

Finding the words

Poetry and creative writing are ever popular forms of expression. St Martins encourages residents to express themselves through poetry and creative writing, supporting those who wish to develop skills in these areas to read, share and even publish their work. Here are two poems by St Martins’ residents, which they would like to share with you.

Poetry   Poetry

The sea is dancing with me

See you the sea
Her waves like huge hands
Lifts the great ships
In the scum like salty water
It smiles at me
And rush to my call
It plays with me
And embraced me
In her waves like arms
Yet she can be a raging beast
And she makes the strongest of men
Tremble with fear
And here she is dancing with me

Ali Mohammed, from his book The Summoning


What is there to do in London?
There are so many things to do
Tons of stuff for your attention
London’s big; there’s places to go.
Near or far; you can take the car
And in London go for a drive.
If you’re feeling really stellar,
Take a taxi; let yourself live.
Are there great sights for me to see?
There’s the West end in the centre.
Some great museums; they are free.
Visit Whitehall, Trafalgar Square.
For nightlife a bar, a cafe;
The place has some good restaurants.
There’s things to do, some people say.
Maybe I’ll go visit London.


Edward, 2013

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