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Engaging people in meaningful activity

St Martins runs a busy timetable of activities, classes and workshops in our homes. These include opportunities for residents to learn the daily living skills they need to live more independently. There are also classes to help residents improve their maths, IT skills, spoken and written English and a number of other core areas which help people to integrate into the community. We also encourage all residents to attend classes, training and learning opportunities in the wider community. Many of our residents go to college, attend day centres and take part in employment schemes or voluntary work.


St Martins organises a number of trips to local places of interest around London. We also make trips outside the capital occasionally if a group of residents express an interest in attending an event, or visiting a particular place. These are some of the courses and activities that we run for residents in our homes.

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Daily Living Skills

Vocational training

Educational classes

Active classes

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