Recovery And Creative Enterprise

Recovery And Creative Enterprise

The Recovery Approach

At St Martins we use The Recovery Approach to focus on people’s wellness, looking at how our residents can be at their best, rather than focusing on people’s mental ill health. This is not to ignore or downplay complex mental health needs. The Recovery Approach means we focus on developing positive aspects of people’s lives, giving individuals tools for better managing their mental health, whilst minimising any risks associated with a deterioration in their wellbeing.

Learn more about the 5 key principles of The Recovery Approach.


Activities & Classes

Whether it’s maths, English, cooking, managing money, IT, sport, or something else, there is something for everyone. We offer a regular program of in-house events at our residential homes designed to build people’s confidence and life skills. We also encourage people to attend external classes, activities and learning opportunities to help give people the best chance and the most positive and structured time possible.


Creative Enterprise

Many of our residents find that creative enterprise is a rewarding part of their recovery process. Some say that it helps keep them well, or even encourages them to stay out of trouble.

Creative art

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