Davenant Road

Davenant Road is a supported housing project that is commissioned by The London borough of Islington to provide accommodation and housing related support to men and women with mental health needs.  The London borough of Islington is the only agency that can refer people to Davenant Road.

34-36 Davenant Road, London N19 3NN Tel: 020 3105 1223 Registered manager: Atif Ali

Further information

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Tenancy Agreement

Anyone who lives in one of the flats at Davenant Road will need to sign a shorthold tenancy agreement. This lays out the rules and regulations of living in at Davenant Road. If you live at Davenant Road, or you are considering doing so, and you want help understanding any aspect of the shorthold tenancy agreement, please ask St Martins’ staff or your keyworker.

Professional endorsement

"I was amazed at the level of support and encouragement key workers offer to clients. There was clear evidence that indicated key workers spend time working towards improving the lives of clients and their occupational needs."

Jacqui Evans, Senior Occupational Therapist, CANDI

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