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Human rights led approach

St Martins is a project partner of the British Institute of Human Rights. We are engaged in a programme with the BIHR called Delivering Compassionate Care, which embeds the human rights of our service users and staff in all that we do.

The programme runs from 2015-2017. Each of St Martins’ services has a Human Rights Lead who attends training events and cascades knowledge to their colleagues. In addition to attending training and debates, the programme has also informed our care planning; underpinning our principle of placing service users at the heart of any decisions regarding their wellbeing, goals and recovery plans.

13-human-rights-champions  10-human-rights

Above: St Martins’ Human Rights Leads and a debate at the Houses of Parliament              


Our human rights led approach also helps us to consider deeply issues surrounding mental capacity, privacy and the right to the best quality of life possible.

On 27 September, 2016, St Martins helped the BIHR to organise a free learning event for mental health professionals at St Pancras Community Association. St Martins’ Operations Manager Paul Holden is the project lead for our partnership with the BIHR. You can read the presentation he gave on 27 September, 2016 at the human rights learning event here.

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